Oct 27, 2008

ฟังเพลงสากล : Love is Color-Blind - Sarah Connor

Biography of Sarah Connor


เนื้อเพลงสากล : Love is Color-Blind - Sarah Connor

Artist : Sarah Connor
Album :
Title : Love is color blind

It don't matter if you're black
White or yellow, if you're brown or red
Let's get down to that
Love is color-blind

I remember when
I was a child and couldn't understand
People having fun
Discriminating all the different ones
Mama just used to say
When you grow up you'll maybe find a way
To make these people see
That everything I do comes back to me

You gotta live your live
we're all the same, no one's to blame
they gotta live their lives
just play the game and let love reign

* It don't matter if you're black
white or yellow, if your brown or red
let's get down to that
love is color-blind
you're my brother, you're my friend
all that matters in the very end
is to understand
love is color-blind

I remeber as a young boy
I watched my neighbourhood go up in flames
I saw the whole thang thru tears of pain
And a situation's rackin' my brain
I wish I could fly away and never come back again
We need some lvoe y'all
We need some real deal help from above y'all
I mean the kids watchin'
And I just can't see it stoppin', I don't understand
I mean we all bleed the same blood, man!

You gotta live your life
Better than our fathers did
Let's make some love, baby, have some kids
They gotta live their lives
And I don't care what color they are, or u are, or we are
It's all love, baby!

You have been my mother
You could have been my brother
What if you were my sister
If you were my father?
You could have been my fella
You could habe been my teacher
What if you were my friend?
Would be so nice to meet ya

Take it out to the world
Tell every boy and every little girl
Be proud of yourself
Cause you're as good as anybody else
Put away your prejudice
Open your mind, don't need a stick to this
Try to make this earth
A better place without a racial curse

Yeah, it's time for some changes

[Repeat *]

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