Sep 29, 2010

ฟังเพลงสากล : Flossin - Shop Boyz

เนื้อเพลงสากล : Flossin - Shop Boyz
Rockstar Mentality
P.I.T I dot it.

When we come threw flossin, dey gone hate it(x5) (x4)

When dey gone see me come me in my Bentley Coop I hop out, Pop my collar, then brush off my shoe. Keep a smile on my face like (?) start to do the rain dance cause I gotta lot of money. It be lights camera action all eyes on me. Like a hologram code I show up in 3-D. Its a whole lotta flossin and we pullin out guitars.On deck shorty and all the Shop boyz.


Dey gone hate it cause we made it and the money getting loose.Dey see me in the club when I'm yanken all that Grey Goose. Spendin money like casino, I'm a broke bitch hero. In a '07 Lac. Who is that? Phany Bemo. Mama she be tripen talken bout my biggest fan now. I feel like Will Smith, cameras just don't understand now. Even baby mama like my swag. Like opps my bad i didn't mean to make her mad but ahhh...


I'm standin right on the edge and I dare them to push. Niggas Hate that I run shit they callin me Bush. Yall niggas like Reggie comparred to some cush. My outfit stay clean like it's takin a gush. Nigga pot on my shoes. Red mark on my pants. Chumps ask for some change I just throw them my grats. See I make em' sick. When they see me dey coughin. Killas love it dey gone hate it when I...


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