Jan 26, 2009

ฟังเพลงสากล : Jennifer - M2M

เนื้อ เพลงสากล : Jennifer - M2M

She's so beautiful, she is super nice
Everybody say she's speacial

She's wonderful, unbelieveable
Sweet, I guess she is perfect

* Stop saying she's just a friend, just a friend
Keep hearing her name again, name again

** I really have to say - เพลงสากล
She's always in my way
I can't believe how much you love her
How can I make you see?
It's either her or me
I will never be like Jennifer

She's a fragile girl, skin like porcelain
Shame on you, if you would hurt her

She's adoradle, oh so vulnerable
I wish that somebody would drop her

[Repeat * , **]

Jennifer, Jennifer

[Repeat * , ** , **]

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